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Sunday, June 14, 2009

One of my friends saw someone wearing this shirt recently. He thought it was pretty funny, I mainly found it disturbing. We got into an argument over if the shirt was good or bad. He was on the "good" side -- he thought that the shirt's underlying message is See? This is what happens if you don't have Plan B. And, while the shirt is pretty offensive, it is still making people think about abortions, bringing up a topic that most people don't talk about. The thought of a woman using a hanger to self induce an abortion is a horrifying thought to most, thus making abortion at a clinic seem safe/nice. Right?
...or not? Because the shirt is also supposed to be funny. Women being reduced to self inducing abortion isn't exactly hilarious, and many women die from botched back alley abortions of the coat hanger variety every year, which is really sad and heart breaking.

I also found a bunch of different abortion t-shirts on the internet:

What do you guys think? Is the Plan C shirt good or bad? What about abortion shirts generally? What makes an abortion shirt okay? The "I had an abortion shirt" has been divisive amongst many people, even pro-choicers because some people see it as being flippant. I think it's kind of cool to be able to be that open about it though? What say you?


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