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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I've been thinking about how I wish abortion clinics got more funding. It sure would be nice if RFAs went out - publicaly - on a fairly regular basis, for clinics. Of course, this doesn't happen much and it's a shame. If my clinic could get a good influx of money, I would love to see some of the things at other surgi-centers I've seen recently.

For example, really nice, big, cushy recovery/pre-op chairs. Chairs where you can do the labwork, but also recover in. Warm blankets. Comfy socks for each woman with no-slip little soles. Perhaps a little duffel bag women can take home (a place to put their clothes when they undress from the waist down, instead of having to put them on a chair for all to see. It would be a convenient place for the meds to go, too!). Perhaps gift baskets for overnight clients who use contracted hotels that offer a discounted rate for our clinic's women. Something simple could be in that basket: some fruit, maybe some crackers or juice to have after their abortion. A thank you note. Follow-up calls for all clients the very next day to check-in on them and see how they're doing. Maybe a website for a "registered clients only" section with a question board so clients can chat - kinda of like yahoo groups or something - where staff respond to any inquires.

Oh! Electronic Medical Records for all! Including a way to electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies!

Other streamlined physicians offices do these sorts of things. Okay, not normal physician offices, but some surgi-centers do.

...seriously, my wish list would look a lot larger than this, but imagine what could be done with just a bit of funding!

Just AboutAGirl dreaming again. Bill Gates? Warren Buffet?? Anyone listening? FUND ABORTION CLINICS.


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