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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I don't quite understand the obsession with Planned Parenthod. I LOVE Planned Parenthood. I have friends who have been staff and patients of Planned Parenthood, I have a Planned Parenthood T-shirt, I refer clients to Planned Parenthood, and I would gladly submit my resume to Planned Parenthood. The thing about Planned Parenthood is that it has, at least among people I know, become the generic name for "abortion clinic." Dear friends of mine love and support the work that I do, and they even put out calls for support of abortion. But those calls for support always seem to say, "Make a donation to Planned Parenthood!" "If I won the lottery, the first place I'd give to is Planned Parenthood." They know where I work, and it happens to be an independent abortion clinic. An independent clinic that doesn't receive government funding and that always welcomes donation and support, especially in this economy. And I know of plenty of other similar clinics that have had to close because of a lack of funds.

What I'm saying is that if your BFF worked at Independent Coffee Beanery, would you really suggest that Starbucks needed the money more? That's actually not the best analogy because Planned Parenthood isn't a corporate behemoth, and I respect Planned Parenthood and I do want them to benefit from donations...but sometimes, I want my little clinic that could to benefit from some cash money here and there. (I might be jealous of Planned Parenthood, but I'm also human and I heart my clinic.)

So if you're a little flush or if your rich pro-choice aunt wants to contribute to the cause, maybe think about checking FAN or Abortion Clinics Online for contact info of lesser-known but super-important clinics in your area that might need a little help, especially in this political and economic climate (Also, think about patronizing your independent coffee shop.)


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