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Monday, February 21, 2011

With all the talk of Bieber, Planned Parenthood,the awesome speech on the House floor by Congresswoman Speier, etc, let's not lose sight of what's truly important in the abortion debate: women. In this country women have the right to access safe and legal abortion and that's all they really want. They don't care about the political rhetoric, what Justin Bieber thinks, or what the GOP thinks. They want to get their abortion and get on with their lives.

Think about the 16 year old whose boyfriend didn't want to wear a condom, and she was too nervous to insist. Now she just wants to finish high school and maybe go to college. She's not ready to be a mom. Think about the single mom of 5. The man involved in the pregnancy took off and is dodging her calls. She can't find a job and survives off of food stamps and TANF. She knows she can't afford another baby. Think about the woman who went to a party and doesn't quite remember what happened but woke up knowing something wasn't right, and now she's pregnant. She doesn't want to have the baby of the man who raped her.

I'm not trying to say the other stuff isn't important, but let's all remember that the women are what truly matters. I do this work, care about this work because I want to help the women. I won't let uninformed, pop stars who sing crappy music and politicians who want to push their political views on me and my body affect my ability to do this work.


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