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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've been thinking recently about how more people ought to get involved in the politics of reproductive rights. It's not enough to simply work in the field, but we all need to do more to actively make sure that reproductive rights exist.

I was at clinic the other day and was looking around in the waiting room. There are NARAL pamphlets, voter registration cards, and all sort of other stickers and cards about voting pro-choice. It got me excited. I want women who come into the clinic to really understand that that abortion rights are truly threatened. If they appreciate the fact that they were able to safely have an abortion, they should make sure that right is here to stay, which can be as simple as voting for truly pro-choice politicians.

I know the women coming to the clinic have a lot of other things going on, kids, work, family issues, but I want to take this moment to spotlight an abortion fund that really recognizes the idea of getting women involved. The Chicago Abortion Fund has a leadership group where they involve women who have received their funding assistance. They go to conferences and speak about their experience and the importance of getting involved and having access. They talk to providers, clinic staff, and women like them in their own communities. They also have a cable access call in show. And they have their own blog. It's sounds awesome. I'm sure there are other groups like this. If you know of more, please post in the comments section.

I know that everyone is busy. But we can't be too busy to stand up for reproductive justice. If you work in a clinic, find ways to put literature in the waiting rooms. If you counsel women, you can mention it in your conversations with them (when appropriate of course). Tell your pro-choice friends and family. Let's not take reproductive rights for granted. Get involved


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