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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter. I hope all of you who worked and volunteered at clinics this week were able to stay safe and protect the women coming to you for assistance. I hope the antis trespassing on your clinics recognized the damage they do and the medical risk they are causing to their targets. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, which is (most) abortioneers' day of rest as well.

I thought I had buried my faith in the public's understanding of critical issues, but I've come to its tomb and found the stone rolled aside. Maybe people out there are more pro-life than I could have hoped. They must have been inspired this week to support life for young women, and life for black families.

That is to say: lately all the goddamn insulting public ads about the "untold" badness of abortion have left me wishing and waiting, wishing and waiting. But I wasn't sure for what. Well, I must have been waiting for this: 

And probably wishing -- breaking news, y'all -- for this: 


The text of this iReport story does not do justice to the joy in my heart at seeing this affirmation, this vast improvement upon the previous eyesore (soulsore!) marring a place I consider one of my homes. But you can read it here. Whatever intrepid and loving soul climbed up there to improve them, they've apparently only done a few so far -- but I enjoy imagining they'll hit all 30-odd, and the other 50 that were planned.

To all our friends out there who are spreading joy: Amen, Amen, Amen. And thank you.

Let us go in peace to love and serve one another!

Have you seen any others around your city? Please share with us! 


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