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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I used to think that having a baby would be a breeze; my mom used to tell tales of strength and glee at having had four babies in five years. "I just loved being pregnant. I never wanted to stop!"


Now I'm starting to realize that 1) I have neither my mom's tolerance for pain nor her childbearing hips, and 2) fun pregnancies are probably less common than I had thought. Few and far-between. I wrote a post last year about how cute this pregnant woman at work was. Now that she's back from maternity leave, we're learning just how tough it really was for her. Looking back, she took and awful lot of bathroom breaks.

Behold: The truth about pregnancy!

In a nutshell, pregnancy is rough. It's a huge physical and emotional responsibility. As I type, I am watching a childbirth special on TLC, with a woman wailing in pain after having missed the epidural boat. Yikes. I can't imagine subjecting unwilling women to this. What about young women? Girls? Torture! Childbearing is not for the unwilling. Stupid anti men.

If you could get pregnant, would you still be an anti?


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