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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Man oh man, has my home state gone bananas.

First, Bart Stupak is at it again! Blubbering like a baby, he condemns the new health plan for not telling women how to spend their money. The new version goes so far as to require insurance companies to itemize everything in their plans so abortion costs can be isolated. I wonder what the individual costs are for prostate exams and treatments. Actually, I don't really care. Men have the right to healthy prostates. None of my beeswax. As far as the ladies out there who might be screwed insurance-wise, start saving! Start making a list of your best friends and how much they're good for should you need to ask. Everyone else, start donating to local funds to help said women! Stupak, you are dumb. Also, get a haircut.

In other news, the pro-choicer who shot and killed an anti is heading to trial, and jury selection is beginning. Trouble is, the anti who was killed was so obnoxious that it is becoming difficult to find a neutral jury/jury members who didn't actually know the anti. Oops. Now at the end of the day, a murder is a murder, and I do not condone murder of even the most detestable of human beings. I am not pro-death (honest). But it just goes to show that being a jackass doesn't pay. I especially enjoy this little morsel:

"A barber, Jim Corrin, 63, once asked Pouillon, a regular customer, why he didn't display two pictures of happy children on his sign instead of just one accompanied by an aborted fetus."

Jim, you ask an important question with a simple answer. You see, antis do not actually care about people. They would rather use their Saturday mornings to scream at people than feed the hungry or read to children. But as far as I know, flies still prefer honey to vinegar.

And that's the latest from the Mitten State.


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