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Friday, September 25, 2009

A old friend of mine posted this video on her Facebook profile, with the accompanying comment:

"how could you carry a child, a beautiful angel, for 9 months and carry so much hate for her at the same time?"

A fair question, indeed.

Now, the aforementioned friend was also something of an anti, at least in the past. Didn't like abortion because she loves all babies, has several nieces and nephews she adores, never judged her sisters for being young and unwed when they had their babies. It was always a joyous occasion, never a conundrum or a predicament. I suppose, then, that she also takes for granted that babies are beautiful angels, blessings, God's little miracles.

Well, my friend, Briana's parents certainly didn't think so.

So I pose the following question to all my anti friends, enemies, acquaintances: if Briana's mother had wanted an abortion, would you have supported it? Knowing now what a TRULY unwanted pregnancy can turn into?

Mind boggle!


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