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Monday, October 17, 2011

We all know the antis are constantly trying to push through new laws to restrict abortion, from parental involvement to laws regarding the size and space in and outside clinics. The newest area the antis have set their eyes on is fetal heartbeat. Fetal heartbeat bills, if passed, would actually make it mandatory for women to listen to the heartbeat (if detectable) before getting an abortion. Some of them even go further than that. In Ohio an anti group is trying to propose a law that would make abortion illegal once the heartbeat is detectable.

Can someone explain to me exactly what this would do, other than be terribly upsetting to many women? Do they think women are stupid? Do they think we don't know the fetus has a heartbeat, so we need to sit there and see it and listen to it? Do they think a woman going to have an abortion hasn't already put a lot of thought into what she's doing?

I swear these proposals treat women like ignorant children who need to be protected from themselves. These ultrasound and now fetal heartbeat proposals really irritate me. They aren't about counseling or informing women. They have no medical benefit to them at all. The point of them is to put up barriers and prevent women from seeking LEGAL health care.

These types of proposals really scare me and so do the people proposing them. It really worries me how antis are chipping away at our rights, our right to have control over our own bodies. This election season scares the crap out of me, and it should scare the crap out of you all too.


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