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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

With all the bad stuff going down in politics so far this year, I have begun to question a number of things, including but not limited to: my sanity, the nature of reality, exactly how crazy are Republicans, and will abortion ever not be a big deal here? Will this ever stop?

You can almost laugh, reading that sentence. Abortion as an issue is so far from any type of general acceptance that it is laughable. By "acceptance," I mean: a woman can go to the doctor, and get an abortion, and have that be that. That's it. No 72 hour "cooling off periods," no laws requiring her to go to a CPC, no laws requiring the doctor to read information that is not true, not feeling like she had to lie to her mother and say she went to the doctor for a UTI. No unnecessary guilt and shame spirals afterwards, for choosing to have a legal medical procedure performed.

Isn't it 2011? It is, right? Wasn't Roe v. Wade decided 38 years ago? I thought society was progressing?

Instead of just lamenting the state of affairs here, I was thinking about stuff I could do that might help make a difference.

And, behold:

Stuff You Can Do To Help The State of Abortion in the US
-Call and/or write your representative to let him/her know you support abortion.
-Donate to any number of wonderful organizations, including:
-Planned Parenthood
-Participate in a local fundraiser -- NNAF's bowl-a-thon, have a bake sale, etc. Donate the proceeds to your favorite abortion fund.
-TALK about it. Openness and honesty, in my opinion, are two gifts the world needs more of. Communicating your thoughts and experiences with abortion in an intelligent, respectful manner can broaden another's view and perspective.
-Volunteer. Local clinics/Planned Parenthoods/Rape Crisis Centers could probably use an extra set of hands. Maybe yours.
-Become an abortion provider. (KIDDING! Unless you want to, in which case you are awesome.)

What else am I forgetting??? Doing a little something here and there can really add up and that is what I am resolving to do in the face of this ridiculousness.


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