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Monday, February 9, 2009

There are no elephants in the room.

There are fetuses, embryos, sacs, pregnancies, products, monsters, aliens, sicknesses, mistakes, its, babies, contents, angels of god, precious children, living things, ghosts.

To throw away. Remove, discard, shed, let go, kill, contract, bleed, deposit, bury, pass, terminate, flush, destroy, massage, suck. Abort. Exalt. Move on. Feel relief. Cope.

No. I do not understand. No. I do not have those friends. The ones who have so many abortions and never used birth control ever, never tried to not get pregnant. You know. Those ones. No.

No, I do not know and I work with women who have abortions daily. Day in and day out. I don't know that perspective. I don't feel the need to insert information or education about pills and patches and rings and rods somewhere always around a sentence that includes abortion. Prevention. Ho hum.

Prevention is a glossy magazine, a wedding registry, the house in the nicer school district where all the kids are white.

Abortion wrote the book.


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