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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today all you great readers get a poem. A cool poem at that. Tell me what you think!

And God Created Abortion

by Sharon Esther Lampert

1. In the Beginning of God's Creating the Heavens and the Earth -

2. When the Womb was Astonishingly Empty, Inside of Every Woman Being

God Made Millions of Eggs That Lived a Fleeting Lifespan. And One by

One, Each Egg Cascaded to its Death. God Made Abortion for Womankind.

And It Was So.

And Inside of Every Man Being, God Made Billions of Sperm That Lived a


Lifespan, And Cascaded to Their Deaths, on the Upstream, Against Gravity.

God Made Abortion for Mankind. And It Was So.

3. God said, "Let there be Abortion," And there was Abortion.

4. God Saw that Abortion was Good, And God Separated the Eggs from the


5. God Called to the Sperm: "Male," And to the Eggs God Called: "Female."

And There Were Men and There Were Women, One Day.

6. God Said, "Let There Be a Conception. And One Plummeting Sperm and

One Plunging Egg Melded into One, And Propagated the Human Species.

And God Let the Lower Species Have a Greater Survival Ratio of Eggs to


7. And God Said: "Let There Be More Ants Per Square Inch Than Human

Beings Per Square Mile." And It Was So.


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